Hello there, we are Adrian & Andrea

Meet the Owners of Molecular CBD Shop

Our story began in the summer of 2016 in lovely Kansas City. We met on a dating app and shared some appetizers and drinks at a local restaurant. As you can see, we hit it off. 

We are your average, yet bonafide incredible couple. 

We are like you. We roll - literally - out of bed, work hard, and love sharing life with each other and friends and family. Our schedules get busy, and at times we get worn out. Both of us were dedicated athletes at one point in our lives. He played soccer- and still holds records at his high school! I am a runner- qualified for Boston in my first marathon!

Movement and staying active are essential to us. At times, our struggles with pain and discomfort are real. Our aches and pains don't always allow us to be as active as we would love. But we do strive to look for holistic approaches to improve our quality of life and enable us to do what we love. 

It's why we started Molecular CBD Shop. In our journey to holistic health, we have explored all kinds of options for health and wellness management. Some work and some don't. Through our trial and error, we have come to appreciate the therapeutic compounds found in plants - a gift from mother nature. 

We want others to experience an improvement in their quality of life by offering you the same natural alternative products that have been effective for us. 

We choose to live a holistic life. And we want to be with you on your journey to holistic health.