The Lab Report to Prove High Quality, Hemp-Derived CBD

The first time I purchased a CBD product, a lab report was not shown to me. We didn't even know to ask for one! Guess what? As you may assume, the product was not effective. 

TIP: CBD brands that say they offer a superior cannabidiol product are going to provide a lab report. 

Some brands may call it a Certificate of Analysis (COA) others may call it a lab report. It's the same thing. The lab report is key to knowing the purity, potency, and safety of what is in and not in the high quality CBD product you are considering purchasing. 

Currently, there are no FDA quality or content controls on cannabidiol (CBD) products. The lack of guidance has allowed lots of brands to create inferior products that are low quality and filled with harsh chemicals or other harmful synthetics. 

Luckily, premium brands, like Molecular CBD Shop, offer transparent practices by offering lab reports on all our cannabidiol (CBD) products.

Our CBD lab reports allow you as the consumer to discover what is in each and every product you purchase, ensuring the product is natural, safe, and potent. 

To find your Molecular CBD Shop lab report:

  1. Click the link below. 
  2. Locate the batch/lot number on the bottom of the product. 
  3. The link will take you to the list of CBD Lab reports. Use the product name and batch number to find your specific product's lab report. 

Find Your Molecular CBD Product Lab Report