Collaboration Marketing Guidelines For Molecular CBD Shop

Molecular CBD Shop Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular than ever. In the CBD community, it's one of the best ways to grow and establish a brand- especially a new CBD startup-like Molecular CBD Shop. 

The CBD industry has a lot of hurdles to jump through to be compliant when advertising and selling CBD products. At Molecular CBD Shop, our passion is to bring knowledge to the CBD community, whether you are a first time user or an experienced user, and to be as transparent as possible in our advertising, content, and product descriptions. 

Our passion for knowledge and transparency is what we want to see in our affiliates too. Our affiliate marketing program is not open to everyone. You have to apply and be approved. And even then, if we see the affiliate breaks an FTC or FDA guidelines, you could lose your status with us. We don't want that, so be sure to read this thoroughly, and if you have any questions, reach out! We are here to help you be as successful as possible. 

The 2 FTC Rules Affiliate Marketers Must Follow

If you blog, Tweet, post to any social media outlet, make videos or otherwise communicate online about Molecular CBD Shop or our CBD products, and you receive compensation for doing so, these rules are for you!

Rule #1: Tell your audience that you are getting compensated.

It doesn't matter what type of compensation you are receiving; it is your responsibility to tell your lovely audience you are getting something. It lets your audience know that yes, you might love the product and be promoting it, but you are receiving something in return for that post! 

The FTC views compensation as: 

  • Cash payments
  • Commission
  • Free products
  • Store Credit
  • Discounts
  • Free Services
  • Special Access
  • Favors of any kind

Telling your audience means if you receive any benefit that you did not pay from an online mention of the product or brand, you are required to disclose this fact. 

For example, you sign up to be a Molecular CBD Shop affiliate and get your discount for your first order, then you post the product online, you have to disclose that you are received a benefit for posting! 

You could be a casual Tweeter or just someone who mentions things on your accounts from time to time; it doesn't matter you have to disclose it

Rules #2: Your Disclosure of Affiliation Must Be Obvious 

The best way to communicate your relationship with Molecular CBD Shop is to be honest, and upfront with your followers. To do this, make sure your post makes it clear that your post is sponsored. 

  • Don't hide the affiliation.
  • Don't add the affiliation disclosure hours or days after the post was published. 

Make it as clear as possible that you are being compensated in some way for the post. Three examples of what you can post are: 

  • Ad
  • Sponsored Post
  • Please note: This post contains affiliate links.

The FTC makes it very clear that it is the advertiser's job to make disclaimers prominent enough to draw the attention of the user. Disclosures should be placed where it draws the attention of the user.

Some design details that contribute to effective disclosure prominence include:

  • Size - Disclosures should be "at least as large" as the content they are triggered by.
  • Color - Use of contrasting colors is highly recommended. Placing disclosure text in a color too similar to the background color may cause the disclosure to be missed by the user.
  • Graphics - While not required, the creative use of graphics can help draw user attention to the disclosure.

 What you can and cannot say in CBD marketing

What You Can and Cannot Say in CBD Marketing 

Companies, brands, or affiliates marketing CBD products must ensure compliance with FDA and FTC regulations. 

FDA Rule: CBD cannot be added to food, and it cannot be marketed as a drug or dietary supplement. 

The FDA rules are more around labeling than advertising, but it is still crucial for affiliates to know the rule, so they understand why our products are not labeled that way. 

When it comes to posting on CBD products, is it essential to watch what words you use in your content.

Let's start with what you cannot say in CBD marketing.

1.  You cannot say CBD will diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure a disease.

  • Refer to a disease or class of disease (cancer, diabetes, autism, depression, obesity, cold, flu, etc.)
  • Refer to characteristic signs or symptoms of a disease
  • Use pictures or symbols to imply a disease claim
  • Refer to a type of drug (analgesics, anesthetic, expectorant, etc.)
  • Say it is a substitute for a drug
  • Say it augments a therapy or drug
  • Refer to the body's response to disease (ex. You cannot say, "Supports the body's ability to resist infection.")
  • Refer to the adverse effects of a drug or therapy (ex. You cannot say, "Maintains intestinal Flora in people on antibiotics.)

2.  You can say CBD helps the body stay healthy and function normally or contributes to general well-being.

  • CBD supports or boosts the immune system.
  • CBD supports urinary tract health.
  • CBD promotes relaxation.
  • CBD aids digestion.
  • CBD soothes irritated skin. 
  • CBD offers relief for sleeping disorders.
  • CBD can be used for joint and muscle aches.
  • CBD enhances focus and increases attention span. 
  • CBD improves daytime mental alertness at mild doses.
  • CBD reduces head and neck tension. 

2.  You can refer to scientific studies. 

You can share scientific studies in their entirety, but you still can only make claims that you CAN SAY to describe, paraphrase, or summarize them. 

  • You can share a non-prominent citation (bibliography, link)
  • You can share the full article or abstract that doesn't promote the brand, is truthful, and not misleading. 
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