Water Soluble CBD Softgels & What You Need to Know Molecular CBD Shop

Water Soluble CBD Softgels & What You Need to Know

Water-soluble Nano CBD Softgels is a mouthful for a product name. We figured telling you precisely what you are getting is better than a fancy name.

But what does water-soluble nano CBD even mean? Let’s break down what you need to know about the trend changing the CBD game.

What is water-soluble CBD? 

CBD, cannabidiol, in its natural extraction, is oil-based. Like any oil, it does not dissolve in water. Meaning when you add CBD oil into water, it floats. Since our bodies are up to 60% water, it can have difficulty dissolving and even absorbing oil-based compounds, like CBD. It's why many CBD products on the market are mixed with carrier oils, to improve the absorption of the hemp-derived extract.

Water-soluble means able to dissolve in water.

An oil-based compound, like CBD, can be turned into a water-soluble CBD, increasing the body’s ability to absorb the oil and natural benefits found in cannabis.

Water-soluble CBD can be up to 10x more effective than the oil equivalent because your body can absorb more of the cannabinoid into your system. The idea behind a water-soluble CBD is that a more effective product is crafted, resulting in less waste and requiring a lower dose than oil-based counterparts. 

Creating a Water-Soluble CBD with Nanotechnology 

Our cells are only able to absorb particles that are between 60 and 80 nanometers. Traditional CBD oil particles measure around 2,000 nanometers, so about 90% go unused in our bodies. Water soluble - nanotechnology

Because of this, CBD manufacturers use nanotechnology to change the particle size! Nanotechnology breaks down the cannabinoid molecules to a smaller size. By making the particles smaller, your body can absorb more of it. Rather than wasting most of the CBD in its natural state, you increase your absorption and magnify the benefits!

Nanotechnology is a process to create most water-soluble CBD oils.

Benefits of a CBD Softgel 

So why would you choose a softgel? Easy, some people like softgels better than CBD oil drops, capsules, or gummies. It comes down to personal preference, not benefits. 

CBD Softgels are sealed in a way that allows nothing to get in or out of the softgel. The seal creates an airtight environment that keeps the phytocannabinoids safe from light and oxygen. This seal ensures that CBD's potency is not corrupted and allows for a longer shelf life!

6 Benefits of a CBD Softgel: 

  1. It won’t dissolve in your mouth while swallowing. 
  2. It is smooth, making it easier to take. 
  3. It doesn’t break apart in the bottle. 
  4. It doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste. 
  5. It is easier on the stomach than capsules. 
  6. Its serving size is figured out. No measurement is needed!

Water Soluble Nano CBD Sofgel and What You Need to Know

Molecular CBD Shop Water Soluble Nano CBD Softgel

Now you understand why we have a Water Soluble Nano CBD Softgel! The softgel is perfect for the person who wants to add their daily CBD dose with their other daily vitamins and pills. 

The Molecular CBD Shop Water Soluble Nano CBD Softgels are expertly formulated to provide the most natural benefits offered by cannabinoids. Our Water Soluble CBD Softgels are crafted from a 100% organic industrial hemp that contains no harsh chemicals or heavy metals. The softgels are a full-spectrum hemp extract and contain beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes, and fatty acids. It has small traces of THC (0.3% or less). 

Not only are our CBD products in-house tested, but they are sent to a third-party lab to be verified for purity, potency, and safety. 

Just like all our CBD gummies and oil drops, our water-soluble softgels will help:

  Maintain healthy sleep cycles
  Promote healthy skin
✓ Post-workout recovery of muscles and joints 
✓ Manage stresses in your daily life 
✓ Promote calmness to help you focus

Water Soluble CBD is More Effective, Less Waste

CBD companies love water-soluble CBD and are fascinated with nanotechnology. The higher absorption of a water-soluble CBD means that less of the cannabinoids are wasted when ingested. More are actively used.

Supplementing your wellness routine with a CBD product is an effective way to balance your body’s nervous and immune systems. How you take your CBD is up to your personal preference. CBD Softgels make it easy for people of all ages to support balance in your body.


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