NFL Proposes to Stop Suspending Players for Cannabis Molecular CBD Shop

NFL Proposes to Stop Suspending Players for Cannabis

The past few months have been huge for CBD in the sports industry. After the MLB relaxed its regulations on cannabis, former football players asked the NFL to follow.

Guess what, in January, the Pain Management Committee of the NFL and the NFL Players Association held a forum to hear and see scientific research and evidence regarding the use of CBD products, and more information about which products are available, and how their use could benefit players.

In February 2020, the owners of the NFL approved a collective bargaining agreement that headed to the players for review. This agreement was ratified this past weekend!!  This agreement brings many changes to the league, one of those is the changes to its drug policy covering the use of cannabis in the players. 

The new policy does a few things for players in the NFL on drug testing: 

  1. It eliminates suspension for positive cannabis tests.
  2. It limits the testing period to the first two weeks of training camp. 
  3. It increases the THC limit detected to go from 35 mg/ml to 150 mg/ml. 

The idea behind this is to focus on drug programs on clinical care and not punishment. If a player tests positive for cannabis, the test will get reviewed by a board of jointly appointed medical professionals to determine if treatment is needed for the player. 

This collective bargaining agreement is a massive win in the CBD community and for athletes. Although more research is still needed to understand all the therapeutic benefits of CBD, the benefits known are great for athletes (and non-athletes) everywhere. CBD is non-addictive and an excellent solution for athletes to ease their sore and achy muscles and boosts athlete's post-workout recovery. 

Updated March 16, 2020, with the final CBA decision. 

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