Hydro CBD Oil is the Best Kept Wellness Secret Molecular CBD Shop

Hydro CBD Oil is the Best Kept Wellness Secret

What if I told you that not all CBD is created equal? You might say, “Duh”! Not all CBD is from organic hemp, free from pesticides or harsh metals, or processed for maintaining purity and potency. But there are great CBD brands out there, Molecular CBD Shop is one of them. And our Hydro CBD Oil drops are one of the best-kept wellness secrets we can offer you!

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What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, one of the naturally occurring compounds found in cannabis. As it has become legal across the United States, more people are turning to CBD for their wellness to help with: general health, relieving pain and inflammation, helping with insomnia, or easing anxiety and depression symptoms. The list of therapeutic benefits could go on. 

In a nutshell, CBD is natural, safe, and an effective natural alternative to help find your better [everything]. CBD is non-intoxicating and non-euphoric. The World Health Organization reports, “In humans, CBD exhibits no effects indicative of any abuse or dependence potential… To date, there is no evidence of public health-related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” 

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years for healing and medicinal purposes. It wasn’t until 1940 that the phytocannabinoid CBD was isolated, and by 1963 the chemical structure was defined. And this history shows that CBD is a newer compound with limited research. It just means that a lot of what you hear CBD can do for you is based on limited research and many anecdotal claims- both have value.  

CBD oil is any product where it has been extracted from a cannabis plant then added to a carrier oil, like hemp seed oil, to be diluted. CBD oil is in any product you see on the market from tinctures to edibles to topicals.

Because CBD is a naturally oil-soluble substance, like all other oils, naturally repels water. Our bodies are up to 60% water making it difficult to dissolve and absorb oil-based compounds. When CBD oil is digested, it’s estimated that only about 10 to 20 percent will reach the bloodstream.

But what if a process could be done to CBD oil to make it absorb better into your body? Guess what, there is! It’s why CBD products are mixed with carrier oils or turned into water solubles, or like our best-kept secret made hydrophilic! 

What is Hydrophilic CBD? 

Hydrophilic means to attract water. Hydrophilic substances diffuse in the water allowing the water molecules to attract to the hydrophilic molecules. In areas of high density of the molecules, water moves in and pulls the molecules apart. The molecules are then distributed to areas of low density, where more water molecules can interact. This diffusion process is crucial to hydrophilic substances. 

Hydrophilic does not mean water-soluble. The two words are NOT synonymous. Although hydrophilic molecules are frequently water-soluble, solubility plays no part in the definition of hydrophilic.

Hydrophilic CBD is the best-kept secret because it allows for more bioavailability of the phytocannabinoids. Bioavailability is defined as: “the degree and rate of which a substance is absorbed into a living system or is made available at the site of interaction.” 

Some CBD products use nanotechnology to reduce particle size and surface area to allow for better absorption. Hydrophilic CBD oil drops are uniquely formulated and do not alter particle size or reduce the surface area. Hydrophilic allows for quicker, faster, and maximum absorption, ensuring the body gets the completed wellness benefits of hemp CBD products. 

Hydro CBD Oil Drops at Molecular CBD Shop

Molecular CBD Shop’s Best Secret to Wellness … Hydro CBD Oil Drops

Our Hydro CBD Drops are crafted using a proprietary process and formulation- meaning other manufacturers cannot use it. This unique process charges the molecules creating an attraction between oil and water. The CBD is absorbed quicker and more effectively, thus improving any potential effects. Plus, it reduces the waste of CBD entered into our bodies.

When you buy Molecular CBD Shop’s Hydro CBD Drops, you can expect that they were crafted with perfection. Our Hydro Oil Drops are sourced from 100% Oregon grown organic hemp that was tested to be pesticide-free and free from harsh chemicals and metals. 

Once it leaves the farm, it heads to the lab for processing. The Hydro CBD Oil Drops are crafted using a proprietary process and formulation to charge the molecules, creating an attraction between oil and water. It is then mixed with a hemp seed carrier oil and a natural peppermint flavor to balance the natural hemp taste. Once the product is ready to be bottled, it is sent to a third-party lab to verify purity, potency, and safety. 

The Hydro CBD Oil is more potent than isolates, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum CBD oils because of the molecules' water attraction. That water attraction allows for maximum absorption into the body allowing your body to soak up all the good phytocannabinoids. And bonus, these CBD oil drops are non-intoxicating and non-euphoric, meaning you won’t get high!

Our Hydro CBD Oil drops have the following cannabinoids: 

  • 524.7 mg/bottle of CBD
  • 17.4 mg/bottle of CBDA
  • 0.8 mg/bottle of CBDV
  • 1.3 mg/bottle of CBC
  • 0 mg/bottle of THC

If you do the math, our bottle of 500 mg is actually giving you 544.2 mg of phytocannabinoids. 

All these phytocannabinoids can do wonders for your bringing balance to your body. CBD is used to: 

  • Maintain healthy sleep cycles, 
  • Post-workout recovery of muscles and joints 
  • Manage stresses in your daily life 
  • Promote calmness to help you focus

If you have not seen the results you wanted with CBD, then this is the product for you! Or if you wish to add the best-kept wellness secret to your daily routine, then the Hydro CBD Oil drops are it!

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