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Flying with CBD? What You Need to Know

To pack your CBD for your flight or not, that is the question. 

Are you flying this summer? You might be one of the brave souls hopping a flight for some beautiful destination. Did you know that you don’t have to leave your favorite CBD at home, you can fly with your CBD, at least within the United States.

Packing for a trip is one of my favorite things. Weird right? I love it. It means I am getting to go somewhere amazing and explore while also catching a break from my normal day-to-day. It’s one of my favorite methods for self-care.

And now that I am obsessed with CBD for wellness, I get to combine my two favorites – travel and CBD – and get that extra boost of relaxation on vacation.


Why People Love CBD 

CBD is known for supporting balance in your mind and body. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system to help regulate your body’s organs, immune system, and neurotransmitter signaling systems. It can help relieve symptoms of jet lag, anxiousness, and sleeplessness.

  • CBD Helps Improve Sleep – This is very helpful if you are catching a red-eye flight and need to rest.
  • CBD Reduces Anxiety and Stress – You might be one of the 33% and 40% of people who experience anxiety when flying. CBD is popular for its ability to promote calmness and reduce anxious feelings.
  • CBD Relieves Aches and Pain – Sitting for a flight in cramped spaces is never comfortable. Add to that sitting at 31,000 feet in the air and some bodies start to ache and swell. CBD is a powerful anti-inflammatory that may help relieve some of those aches and pains you get while flying.

People don’t want to leave home without their CBD oil, gummies, softgels, or topicals. So whether you fly domestically or internationally this summer, here is what you should know when flying with your favorite hemp-derived CBD products.

 Flying with CBD

Flying Domestically with CBD 

In the United States, hemp-derived CBD products are legal on a federal level. Ever since the Farm Bill was passed in 2018, CBD oil, gummies, softgels, and topicals have popped up everywhere. Thanks to this bill, you can travel with CBD across state borders and even fly with it in your checked or carry-on bags.

But if you are worried what TSA says regarding CBD infused products we found this post on their Instagram. 

What TSA says about CBD on their Instagram

TSA’s website states that CBD infused products are legal to fly with if the products contain no more than 0.3% THC on a dry weight basis, or is approved by the FDA (like Epidiolex). TSA’s screenings are not focused on searching for marijuana or other illegal drugs. Still, if in their screening process, they discover any illegal substance they refer to law enforcement. Ultimately, any decision on your CBD product rests with the TSA officer on whether it is allowed.

However, just because it is legal on a federal level and allowed through TSA, doesn’t mean that all states still view it that way- like South Dakota. Be sure before you head out on vacation, to check the state laws on their CBD policy. 

Let's breakdown into ten easy steps the best way to fly with your favorite hemp-derived CBD products.


10 Tips for Flying with CBD Domestically

1. Check your destination’s state laws on CBD products. 

Remember, not all states have the same laws. Check the state laws

2. Check your CBD product labels to ensure it lists hemp extract as the active ingredient. Also, check to see if there is a THC disclaimer. 

Here is our Hydro CBD Oil Drops label. You can see it has the hemp extract listed as the main active ingredient and it also has the THC disclaimer. 

Checking Your CBD Label to See if You Can Fly With It

3. Print off your CBD products lab report to show that it is the legal amount of THC and pack it with your products.

You don't have to do this, but if you are feeling anxious about traveling with your CBD, then it's an extra step you can take to ensure proof that your CBD is hemp-derived and legal.

4. Pack your CBD in its original container with the label. 

Don't try to put your CBD in an unmarked container and hope that deters them. The label serves as proof that your product is hemp-derived and has under 0.3% THC.

5. Pack your liquid CBD in a clear plastic bag. 

Packing your CBD in a clear plastic ball has everything to do with ensuring it doesn't leak all over your suitcase.

6. Comply with the TSA 3-1-1 rules, and be sure the CBD container is less than 3.4 ounces.  

If you are packing your CBD in your carry-on, you definitely want to make sure you comply with this rule. There is nothing worse than having your CBD taken because it's over the ounces allowed. Luckily, most CBD tinctures are in one to two-ounce bottles so you should be good.

7. Pack CBD vape cartridges, devices, batteries, and atomizers in your carry-on bag. 

This step only applies to CBD vapes. It is super important to remember to not back them in checked bags since it's not allowed.

8. Leave your hemp flower at home.

It is recommended to not fly with hemp flower because it is so similar to the cannabis flower. The similarities make it hard to tell the two apart without lab testing. Which means they don't know if it is hemp-derived or marijuana-derived.

9.  Pack your CBD products just like you would other supplements. 

Don't try to be sneaky and hide your CBD products. And don't declare your CBD products to anyone at the airport. You wouldn't declare your medicine or other supplements, CBD is the same.

10.  Print off or save to your phone the TSA policy on CBD.

You are in no way required to do this or expected. It's just a recommendation for those who might be a little worried to fly with their CBD. Printing off or saving the policy can give you extra peace of mind in case you do get searched. And who knows, if that TSA agent is not aware of the policy, you will be able to show them!

Simple, right? Flying in the United States with your hemp-derived CBD is easy. Remember, it's like any other supplement you take. Now, international flights are a different story.


Flying Internationally with CBD

If you are heading out of the country, traveling with CBD might look a little different. The laws of international travel with CBD are less clear. It is best to research what the law is for CBD in the destination country. For example, Dubai, an awesome place to visit and ride some camels in the desert, but CBD products (hemp-derived or not) are illegal.

Most European countries allow CBD products, but they can’t contain more than 0.2% THC, and the U.S legal limit, again, is 0.3%. So just be aware of how much THC your CBD might contain. Asia has even stricter laws on CBD, while Canada does not. So research your destination country or countries and follow the most rigid law.  

Best advice:  Leave your hemp-derived CBD products at home. When you arrive in the new country, buy what is legally sold in that country.


Taking a Cruise with CBD

If you fly domestically and hop on a cruise ship, your situation is a little different. Even though you are fine to travel with CBD within the United States, once you hit international waters, the laws change. So, cruise lines dealing with U.S law are also dealing with Mexican law, Canadian law, Bahamian law, Aruban law, and many more.

You can check with your specific cruise line on their rules for prohibited items. Still, it is far easier for the cruise lines not to allow hemp-derived CBD products than to worry about each country's laws and violations of the products.

Best advice:  When taking a cruise on international waters, leave your hemp-derived CBD products at home.


Goodbye Home, Hello Vacation

Flying with CBD doesn’t have to be intimidating. When you know the laws and best practices for flying with hemp-derived CBD, it is stress-free to pack your bags with your favorite hemp-derived CBD gummies, oils, softgels, and topicals and add that boost of TLC to your vacation. 

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