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7 Things You Should Know About CBD and Meditation

The reason for using CBD or meditation is to create balance in the mind and body.

Life is stressful enough, 2020 has elevated normal stresses and made many learn new practices for calming the mind.

While meditation or CBD isn't the cure-all to your stresses, research and anecdotal claims show they are great for managing stress and anxiety.

Using CBD in your daily wellness routine, or creating a meditation practice will not make your stresses go away. Still, they can help you have practical tools for calming your mind.

The purpose of meditation is to nurture well-being. Through meditation, you can promote inner peace and calmness. Meditation is about becoming aware of your present and not focusing on the past or the future. 

Similar to meditation, hemp-derived CBD is to nurture balance throughout your mind and body. CBD is known for its healing effects, especially physical aches, inflammation, sleep, and anxiety. CBD soothes the mind and the body. Adding CBD into your daily routine may produce the same effects, as seen with meditation.

But when it comes to combining meditation and CBD there are some things you should consider. 

CBD and Meditation - Mind, Body Wellness

Here are 7 things to consider when combining CBD to your meditation practice: 

1. CBD Results Are Different For Every User 

Everyone experiences CBD differently. A lot of the benefits you hear about are all anecdotal evidence. But not to worry, it has also been used for healing practices for thousands of years. Just find a high-quality CBD product

CBD works naturally in your body. Because it works naturally, it will give you results based on your mind and body's needs. For someone who is already a relaxed person, they might not feel more relaxed, as it's not what is out of balance. Remember, CBD helps normalize what is out of balance in your body. 


2. CBD Wellness Takes Time 

CBD incredibly interacts with your endocannabinoid system; the more you consume it, the more receptive your body becomes. With regular CBD consumption, you will experience better results.

But finding the right dose is key to feeling the therapeutic effects in your body. The correct dosage can take anywhere between a few weeks to a couple of months. So be sure to give it time before saying CBD is not working for you

In a nutshell, when trying to find the dose that works for you, start low and increase every 5-7 days until you feel the results you want to feel. 


3. CBD Forms Vary in when they Start Working 

Between CBD gummies, oil drops, softgels, and vaping, the form of CBD you take for everyday use or to meditate are essential in knowing when to get your desired results.

CBD can take around anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes before it starts actively working in your body. If you want to use CBD with your meditation practice, it's critical to know how long CBD takes to begin working in your body. When you know how long it takes to be active, you know when to take it before you start your meditation practice. 


4. CBD Elevates Your Mood, So Does Meditation 

Many people who meditate will tell you that it takes time to build a practice that makes it effective at elevating your mood. CBD, as we know, also takes time. 

CBD promotes awareness and focus and aids in helping people's thoughts stay in the moment. Meditation also does this. 

So if they both have the same goal, do you need both? 


5. CBD Doesn't Magically Make You Great at Meditation 

Meditation is a practice because it takes time and effort, especially when you are just starting the practice. In meditation, your goal is to focus and be aware of your current state. It is to tune into the subconscious mind where healing takes place. 

Some cannot let themselves practice meditation because their minds are continuously worrying. CBD might be an excellent option for relaxing and focusing on the present. But remember, CBD doesn't make you great at meditation, only developing a meditation practice can make you great. 


6. CBD Could Decrease Your Ability to Meditate Properly 

Meditation doesn't mean that you need to empty your mind. Meditation is about being okay to think about something beautiful or something grateful. It is in that thinking that your body will naturally start to relax, and your mind will find peace. 

One fantastic benefit of meditation is how it helps people discover their innate ability not to react to stress habitually. It is a rewarding skill that takes time and effort to develop. By using CBD to meditate, you could hinder developing this innate skill. 

Remember that even though meditation is about calming the mind, it is more about the continuous practice of helping your mind find that calm amid a storm. So try developing a method of meditation before adding CBD to your daily meditation practice. 


7. BUT CBD Could Also Enhance Your Meditation 

The best time to use CBD with your meditation practice is when you have trouble starting a practice at all. Meditation can be tough for busy people whose daily lives are fueled by stress and anxiety. Many people find it hard to take time out to practice meditation, especially since it takes time and effort to develop. 

Studies have shown that CBD helps treat anxiety, which can promote calmness and focus while meditating. As CBD begins working in your body, it might help quiet the distracting thoughts and allow you to give your mind and body a rest. 


You Have to Decide for Yourself if CBD & Meditation is Your Perfect Combo 

CBD and Meditation have the same goal- bring balance to your mind and body. In its purest form, meditation is a mental practice to deliver and boost focus, awareness, and relaxation. In metaphysical terms, it is a tool to transform the mind and encourage enlightenment. 

For some, combining CBD and meditation will bring them to a place where they can feel that balance daily in their life. It doesn't mean that all days will be perfect; it just means that it will help them see bad days as just that, a bad day. 


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